Our Due Diligence

All offerings on the platform are subject to a rigorous 6-step screening and due diligence process to ensure they are clear, fair and not misleading.


1. Initial Screening

Initial screening process to ensure that the offering is consistent with Crowdify’s Minimum Investment Criteria




2. Project

Detailed inspection and review of the offering.

  • Property Particulars
  • Media
  • Location



3. Market

Analysis of the individual offering and current market.

  • Market Appraisel
  • Market Assessment and Comparables
  • Market Demographics

4. Legal

Detailed inspection and review of the current and proposed legal structure.

  • Ownership / Identity Documentation
  • Analysis of Legal Charges or Securities 


5. Financials

Validation of financial data.

  • Analysis of Financial Projections
  • Validation of Project Costs
  • Validation of Capital Growth Predictions and Reference


6. Management

Enquiry into the proposed management strategy.

  • Credit Reference Check
  • Track Records and Experiene of the Proposed Manager
  • Verification of Charging Structure
  • References (where necessary)

Become Part Of Our Investor Community

In order to become a member of our investor community, you must meet current FCA guidelines by completing a sign-up and onboarding procedure. This process will identify you as a specific type of investor, providing you will full access to our social property investments listed on the platform.