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As part of your sign-up journey, you will need to provide your full legal name and email address.

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Managing Your Portfolio

User Dashboard

From your user dashboard, you will be able to manage developments in your portfolio, receive updates or take actions on new investments you are about to make.

You will also have access to your stored documents.


Identity Verification



You will need to self-certify as either a Restricted, Sophisticated or HNW individual, to use the platform.

You will also be required to upload ID documents, such as a passport or driver's license and provide your proof of residence using a recent utility bill.

After You Invest

Receiving Returns

Once an investment has been made, documents are signed electronically.
Crowdify completes the legal requirements and dividends are paid to investors either on a quarterly or annual basis, from the rental income.


Browse Offerings



You decide on which social impact projects in which you want to invest. When you invest through Crowdify, you are taking an equity stake; you buy shares in the SPV which holds the underlying property asset.

Investment Exit

How You Exit

At the end of the pre-defined investment term, the property is sold and investors receive their original capital along with a share of any of the profits generated.

Crowdify Investor Community

Become Part Of Our Investor Community

In order to become a member of our investor community, you must meet current FCA guidelines by completing a sign-up and onboarding procedure. This process will identify you as a specific type of investor, providing you will full access to our co-living property investments listed on the platform.