Investment Exit

At the end of the investment term the property will be sold, assuming it has exceeded the original project cost; shareholders will be paid back the original amount invested, together with a share in the capital growth, in direct proportion to their level of investment.

In the event the property is valued at less than the original project cost, investors will decide, via a simple ballot, whether to retain the property or sell at the present value.

Once the property is disposed of, Crowdify will email the shareholders detailing the date when the distribution of the sale will be made, and the amount to be distributed per share (original capital + any appreciation).

Shareholders will subsequently receive a notification, by email, of when the distribution is made. 

Managing your portfolio

Become Part Of Our Investor Community

In order to become a member of our investor community, you must meet current FCA guidelines by completing a sign-up and onboarding procedure. This process will identify you as a specific type of investor, providing you will full access to our social property investments listed on the platform.