Minimum Investment Criteria

  • Upon legal completion, all properties must be habitable, readily sale-able, structurally sound and be able to have buildings insurance arranged upon it.
  • Crowdify is an equity-based crowdfunding platform; it does not provide loans for property development projects or leveraged finance against any of its offerings.
  • Crowdify must be afforded exclusive marketing of each specific investment opportunity for the duration of the funding period (typically 30 days).
  • The platform is unable to cater for projects where a sourcing or agency premium is applied to the project costs. Such fees should be negotiated with the vendor, away from the platform.

All of our social property investments must meet the following Minimum Investment Standards:

Property acceptability is based on a satisfactory valuation report from a RICS approved surveyor. Non-standard construction will be assessed on individual merit.

If leasehold, the property must have an unexpired term of more than 75 years at the point of listing.

Ground Rent

As a rule, the platform will not consider properties where the ground rent is considered disproportionate to the purchase price. As a guideline, properties valued below £250K, with a lease length in excess of 99 years, should have a maximum ground rent of £250 per annum.

It is essential that any debt or legal charges are discharged prior to legal completion.

Reservation Fees

It should be bourne in mind that the platform is unable to pay reservation fees to developers or their agents for new build or off-plan properties, until the funding process has been completed.

Service Charges

As a rule the platform will not consider leasehold properties where the service charge is considered disproportionate to the purchase price.

Payment Schedules

The platform is unable to consider properties that require more than 50% of the purchase price to be paid to the developer during the construction period. Funds required during the build stage will be released by Crowdify’s legal representative in accordance with the agreed pre-defined payment schedule.

Construction Status

Planning permission for the construction, renovation, refurbishment or alteration must have been secured and work must have already started before the property is listed for investment.

Property must be subject to one of the following building control and monitoring requirements:

  • Building Standards Indemnity Scheme from an approved warranty provider
  • Professional consultant where small, solely residential development of no more than 15 units
  • An acceptable guarantee from a development corporation or local authority where they are the vendor

A final inspection is required to confirm completion of the new property unless covered by an acceptable new build warranty provider, i.e. NHBC


A new build property is classed as any property being occupied and/or sold for the first time on the open market in its current state and includes converted and refurbished properties. These will fall into one of the following categories:

  • Newly built property
  • Refurbished property i.e. refurbishment of an existing residential property
  • Newly converted property i.e. conversion of an existing non-residential property
  • A property either new or converted (as above) that has been tenanted and is now offered for sale by the builder/developer
  • Properties must not be subject to any overage or uplift clauses or development convenants.

Due to their risk profile, the following properties would be considered unsuitable for the Crowdify platform:

  • Timber or metal framed buildings where the cavity between the frame and cladding has been retrospectively filled with an insulation material
  • Concrete wall as built in Cornwall or Devon before 1950 (1960 for postcodes PL 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 22, 23) where the valuer has recommended a Mundic report and test of the concrete has classified it as either class B or C.
  • Flats or maisonettes of large panel system type unless acceptable structural appraisal on the whole block
  • Load bearing panels of asbestos or gypsum plaster construction
  • Properties which are structurally unsound
  • Properties which are uninsurable
Managing your portfolio

Become Part Of Our Investor Community

In order to become a member of our investor community, you must meet current FCA guidelines by completing a sign-up and onboarding procedure. This process will identify you as a specific type of investor, providing you will full access to our social property investments listed on the platform.