Risk Warning

Crowdify does not provide advice to investors. We simply provide a marketplace, which offers opportunities for investment. Any decision to invest will purely be at the discretion of the individual investor.

Investors who choose to invest should regularly review their portfolio, or seek professional advice, to ensure that the underlying assets remain in line with their investment objectives. This can be particularly important for those investing towards the end of a defined time horizon – for example, those investing for retirement.

Investing in a social impact crowdfunded property investment does not insulate you from any of the risks associated with traditional property investment. There are additional risks associated with passive investments as you are not responsible for day-to-day management decisions and do not control the timing of any disposal.

We would strongly encourage you to ensure that you have read all relevant documentation, and that you are comfortable that you understand all of the associated risks relating to an investment, before you decide whether or not to invest. Should you be in any doubt as to the risks involved, or to the suitability of a particular investment, you should seek professional financial advice.

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